Thinking About Moving Away from Home

My best friend and I have both been lucky enough to find pretty good jobs and he wants me to come in with him. Of course he wanted to get a place of his own, but then he saw what it was going to cost him if he were going to get a one bedroom apartments in Toledo. That is going to be around eight hundred dollars at the minimum, unless you get some place that is going to be a dump at least. However if you get a place with two bedrooms that is going to start out at around a thousand dollars per month. Obviously that is going to be a whole less if you split it and only end up having to pay half of that, instead of all of what a one bedroom place is going to run you. So from his perspective it is going to be obvious enough that he needs another guy like me.

I am not so sure that it makes so much sense for me. Living with my Mom is obviously not the greatest thing in the world, but she cooks, she cleans and she does my laundry. If I was living some place else I would probably be coming back to her place for all that stuff, and I know for a fact that Brad is something of a pain to deal with. My mom charges me rent, but it is only two hundred and fifty dollars per month. That probably barely covers the cost of buying food for me, although I buy a good bit of the food on my own, that way I get to eat stuff that I like. Of course if you move in with your best friend, it is a chance that he may not be your best friend when you move out.