I Somehow Got Some Malware

So I am pretty sure how this happened. I accidentally ended up at this web page where you do not want to be. However this was late at night and my mental acuity was probably not up to the usual standard, so before I knew what was going on I had this rather nasty malware on my computer. This is my home computer, but I use it for a lot of important things and I can not afford to have it out of action or to not be able to trust it. I found a bunch of no-reply@accounts.google.com and one of them must have had some malware, but it was only about using coupons to get a cheap version of malwarebytes or mal bytes, I forgot exactly what the name of it was. However I recognized it and it was one of the better known names in this area.

Of course I do not want to take any chances so I am looking for a safe place to get what I need. I am really wary because some of these download sites will give you the nastiest stuff and bundle it with the program you wanted. Right after I got this computer I needed to get it set up for my daily use. So I had to go to Hotfiles dot com and download about a dozen programs. They would ask me if I wanted this other stuff and I would say No. That apparently did not matter to them, because they gave it to me any way. What I got was this browser hijacker called Babylon and it was incredibly bad malware which I could not get rid of. What it was trying to do was direct all your Internet searches to people who were paying them. I had to do that thing where you send your computer back to where it was before the issue.