My Mom Wants Her Own Email

When my mom told me she wanted me to help her get online, I just about fell over in shock. My mom is just the last person I would have ever expected to show an interest to anything remotely associated with a computer or the Internet. She told me that more seniors from the local center were getting online, and she felt it was high time she did too. She also wanted email and a social media page, so I got both of those set up for her. I told her about her new MSN Hotmail online login, but she didn’t seem to understand what I was explaining.

I told her that I had set up a Hotmail account for her since it was the easiest way for her to access her email. She would be able to easily login to her email account no matter where she is. She loves to travel a lot, and usually spends weeks at a time with my brother in Florida or my sister in Oregon. I wanted her to be able to access her email no matter where she was. I explained that it was easier to access email using a web based email provider rather than the one that comes with her Internet service.

She was slowly catching on, but I knew that she was still confused a little bit. I went online to see if I could find an informational page about Hotmail accounts, and I struck gold with my first search. I was able to find the page that she needed, and she read the entire thing. She was able to understand it much better when it was spelled out for her that way. It is still funny emailing with her, but I am so glad that she finally caught the online bug!