I Had No Idea That My Job and City Would Change So Quickly

After living in Texas all my life, it is funny to think that I had never been to the beach in my state. I was just four hours away, but yet, I had never gone. Not only that, the state borders Mexico, and I had never visited there either. One day, I was looking at our bulletin board at work, and I saw that there was a management position available in another city. I was thinking it over, when my boss came to me and said he thought I transfer and then start looking for Corpus Christi Texas apartments quickly. I never thought he would want to lose me, but he said the position came with a raise and a promotion. They really wanted someone like me to head up the new office there.

I went home that night and mulled it over. The thought of more money, a better title and the beach life as sure appealing. The very next day at work, I marched in and told him I would do it. He said that sounded great and that I should give my current place notice quickly, because they needed someone within 30 days in Corpus Christi. Everyone was moving so much faster than I thought it would. Just the morning before I thought that I would be living in my current place for many years to come. I had no idea that I might be changing my every day life so soon!

That weekend, I decided to drive out to look for new places rather quickly. There was no telling how long I would need to find a place, and I didn’t want to run into any problems. What surprised me is what I found a new rental within jut 4 hours of searching. I deliberately chose a place that is near the beach.