Golf Extravaganza Nets Temporary Workers a Big Paycheck

Our union has an annual golf outing, and I’m in charge of paying the temporary workers. For a day they become temporary employees of our company. I have to pay them an hourly rate according to union rules for wages, and they have have withholding done for federal, state and local taxes. Our accounting department is very precise. However, I needed to write the checks at the golf course at the end of the day, and I needed an online source for printing real check stubs. The agreement was for all of the workers to get their paychecks at the end of the day and not have to wait for them to be mailed from payroll.

I had the checkbook with me and my laptop. I got the Wi-Fi login to use a printer in the office at the golf course. I hand wrote all of the checks, and I used a website that offers a way to print real check stubs to show the withholding and other information. I printed two copes of each one. I gave one to each worker and the copy to our accounting department. This way everyone had the information they needed for their taxes. Of course, they will be receiving a tax document from payroll at the end of the year too. The workers who helped with the food and other services for the outing were paid a high hourly rate. Every worker got $60 an hour for a minimum of 10 hours. Some workers got more hours because they came in earlier for setup and stayed later for tear down. Getting $600 for a day’s work and fun is good money.

None of the work was back breaking. It was just hot and there were a lot of golfers. Our union puts on this extravaganza every year. There are prizes that range from golf clubs to big screen TVs. Every attendee, including the workers, get tickets for eligibility for the prize drawings. It is really cool to earn $600 and maybe walk away with a new laptop computer or something like that.